1 minute comedy scripts

Below are staff picks of some terrific comedy monologue lists to help you find good material faster. If you wish to Read online funny samples. Funny c omedy & parody scripts. Buy in US$ Buy in AU$ Shorter 1-5 minute skits for TEENs, teens & young people "Cassandra" Short Humorous Monologue from Published Script- female comedy (1 minute) "Princess (Where's My Prince Charming?)" - Comedy Monologue- Female (2 minutes). short funny comedy skits scripts for live shows, radio, videos and television. Modern and contemporary one act comedy plays for community theatres, play competitions, colleges and high schools. buy comedy play scripts online, find a comedy, one act comedies, two-act comedies, comedy scripts for sale online, hilarious comedy scripts. "Cassandra" Short Humorous Monologue from Published Script- FEMALE COMEDY (1 minute) "I Need Detention" Monologue from a published play - MALE COMEDY (2-3 minutes). Jeff’s Original Comedy Scripts ROYALTY FREE – FREE SCRIPTS – Sketch Comedy. Once upon a time, I wrote a small, no sets required, sketch comedy show called. Comedy movie scripts and screenplays. Read them online, free. Scripts for teenagers Funny plays Comedy drama scripts Playscripts for teenagers. Short 10-30 minute plays, o ne-act plays and f ull-length plays.